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Why call Nitovate a framework?

The simple answer to the question is: because it is a framework and not a product.

The term software product (or tool or solution) has certain connotations:

It works “out-of-the-box”.

While it can be personalized / customized to some extent (or even to a large extent in some cases), it works “as-is” more often than not.

It has a finite feature set until a new version comes along that adds to the feature set. (Sometimes, new versions get rid of some rarely-used features as well.)

A framework, on the other hand, implies something that:

Based on the above descriptions, we can say the following:

EIP is a SharePoint-based portal solution and is a product.

The various apps that are part of AMS, HRMS, and LMS are products, while AMS, HRMS, and LMS can be thought of as “collections of apps”.

Although DMS and KMS are not “standardized” products and are custom-built to suit your needs, they are much more like products.

Nitovate, on the other hand, is a framework because:

It comprises of all the above and is therefore much bigger than a product.

More apps can be added to it thus increasing its usefulness. In fact, that is exactly how it was developed: one app at a time.

It can be integrated with other systems to create a much bigger system. We have integrated Nitovate with ActiveDirectory, SAP, a payroll management system, and an RFID-card-based access control system, just to name a few.