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Nitovate: Who is it for?

Nitovate is for you irrespective of the type of your organization

Government or non-government

For-profit or not-for-profit

Privately-held or publicly-held

B2B or B2C

Nitovate is suitable for organizations of all sizes!

Micro / Small / Medium (Growing) Organizations

For growing organizations, every penny counts! You need to be able to start small at an affordable cost and then scale up as your needs grow and mature.
How Nitovate addresses your needs:

1. Buy what you need

Nitovate is app-based. So you can buy only the apps that you absolutely need which means lots of savings and high returns on your investment. And since you have to learn only what you must, save time too!

2. Deploy rapidly

Nitovate, if used as is, can be deployed rapidly, sometimes in a matter of few days. So you see quick returns on your investment! No more suffering through the pain of deployments that seem to last forever!

3. Buy / develop more later

When your needs grow, which they will, you can buy more apps. If one of our standard apps doesn’t satisfy your requirement, we can develop a customized solution just for you, all within the same framework!
Nitovate will not only give you a great return on your investment (or “bang for the buck” as they say) in the short-term, it will also grow with your needs. In other words, it is future-ready and future-safe!

Large (Mature) Organizations

As a large and mature organization, you have already experienced exponential growth, but you need to manage it properly if you aspire to dominate your industry and become an industry leader. Nitovate allows you to do just that, by encapsulating industry best practices.
Should you feel the need to customize some of these best practices, Nitovate will allow you to do that as well to suit your unique business needs.
Large organizations typically have one of more software systems taking care of the critical business needs. Therefore, one question that invariably comes up while procuring a new software system is, “Will it work with my existing software systems?” This is a perfectly valid question to ask because just as important as determining the ROI that you will get from Nitovate is understanding what happens to the investments that you have already made. Nitovate, by design, will facilitate easy integration with other systems so that you can protect your prior investments in them.

Huge Enterprises (Industry leaders)

You are the huge conglomerates, the industry leaders, the trend-setters. Having built best practices over the years, you need a customizable product framework that can adopt these practices and allow you to execute them as efficiently and as seamlessly as possible. Nitovate will allow you to do just that, thanks to the highly customizable workflow engine that is at the heart of Nitovate.
Also, if the need arises, you can extend Nitovate and build top-notch, visionary solutions that set the industry benchmark and create the future!

Nitovate is industry agnostic!

Nitovate is for you irrespective of the industry that you operate in.Given below are a few industries that our clients belong to

Auto & Auto Ancillaries


Engineering & Construction





Oil & Gas


Real Estate


Sports & Entertainment

At its core, Nitovate automates business processes!

How is it that Nitovate can be used irrespective of the industry you operate in? Because at its core, Nitovate automates business processes.

There are business processes that have to be executed in any organization irrespective of the industry that they operate in, like travel management, travel reimbursements and expense claims for example. For large organizations with lots of visitors every day, visitor management is a task in itself. Since these visitors come for meetings, doing meeting room reservations reliably becomes important.

However, some of most important business process that are common to most organizations are the HR processes from job referral, recruitment, and employee on-boarding all the way up to employee off-boarding. And of all the HR processes, Performance Management is second to none in terms of importance and is applicable to all organizations.

Nitovate will help you automate all the HR/Admin processes efficiently and boost employee productivity.