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Time Management

Accurately track the time spent by your employees on various tasks, make improvements, and get a lot more done each day!

Create tasks and track time spent on them. Group tasks by projects or objectives and activities.Track expenses.Generate bills and invoicing.

High-Level Features

Task creation / assignment / grouping

Create tasks easily and assign them to employees. Group them as per projects, or objectives and activities.

Timesheet generation

Get weekly timesheets for all your employees and see how much time they spent on their tasks and the status of their tasks.

One-click approval

Approve hundreds of tasks in one simple click and make your approval process super-easy and super-efficient.

Resource rate configuration

Define rates for your resource. Override the global rates for a specific resource for a specific task, if required.

Bill generation

Generate bills for customers automatically based on the resources that are working for them and their rates.

Integration with other apps

Get out-of-the-box integration with attendance, leave, and payroll apps and further boost your productivity.

Query Builder

Get many ready reports at the click of a button. If you need more reports, build them with the help of our Query Builder.

Insightful Analytics

Gain deep insights into the data generated by the app with the help of analytics that we have thoughtfully created for you.

Reminder framework

Stop worrying about not getting things done on time with Nitovate’s configurable timely reminders and focus on what you do best!

Notification framework

Get notifications about all the actions performed in the system, by whom and when, and always stay on top of things!

Industry Facts

  • 10-12 minutes invested in planning your day will save at least 2 hours of wasted time and effort throughout the day.

  • In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%.

  • Time management statistics show that 15 minutes of planning saves an hour in execution and improves the quality of your work.

  • At one of the Fortune 100 companies, employees interspersed 15 minute bursts of work involving serious mental activity with periods of browsing social networks or exploring other websites.