Performance Management System

Transform performance appraisals into growth monitoring initiatives

Performance Mangement

An unstructured performance appraisal processes leads to discrepancies in organisational objectives and employee goals. That means you have very little valuable information about your employees and you are in the dark as to how to leverage them.

Performance management remains just an annual appraisal ritual because of:

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  • The need for clarity on the organisation’s current employee capabilities
  • Superficial focus on favourable employee outcomes
  • Low transparency in ratings
  • Dissatisfied employees due to little focus on favourable employee outcomes
  • Low transparency in ratings
  • Annual nature of appraisals with one or no review cycles.

You sure need some insight and a performance management system to:

  • Identify star performers or potential success stories
  • Treat performance appraisals as an improvement monitoring process
  • Use appraisals as a tool for employee enhancement and not a liability

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With Nitovate’s highly flexible PMS, you can set clear expectations and give continuous performance feedback.
Chat with NIYA to set and accept goals, review and publish ratings. Use Nitovate’s PMS to:

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  • Create objectives, KRAs, KPIs, competencies, appraisal templates (collections of KRAs and competencies), and clusters of employees (based on location, department, designation, and grades) with ease.
  • Set goals in three different ways (our USP!): HR sets goals, assigns them to employees, reporting manager sets goals and employee accepts them, or employee sets goals and reporting manager accepts them.
  • Create appraisal cycle with user-selectable goal-setting method, goal-setting period, self-evaluation period, and appraiser evaluation period.
  • In addition to the mandatory evaluation, add one or more review cycles. Enable ratings for these review cycles or have them purely for review.
  • Configure appraisal cycle and review cycles differently for different employee clusters and get the ultimate flexibility in doing appraisals.
  • Allow the system to guide you through the appraisal cycle: employees to do self-appraisal, appraisers to do the evaluation, and HR to publish the ratings.
  • Plot your organisational bell curve after PTIS, compare actual and expected bell curve, and do normalization activity.
  • Let the dashboard guide you to know what needs to be done and when. View complete transaction history at any time, if required.
  • Get notifications about all the actions performed in the system, by whom and when, and always stay on top of things!

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Our Employee Performance Management software helps you align your employees, monitor achievements in real-time, guide and mentor continuously, and rewards the performers through an easy to use process