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Leave Management

Automate leave management, one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, and free up your admin department to do more productive tasks!

Automate the leave application and approval process. Let the system calculate leave balance and leaves that are carried forward, lapsed, and accrued. Integrate with payroll system.

High-Level Features

Weekly off and holiday configuration

Configure the weekly offs and holidays – compulsory as well as the optional ones – in your organization.

Leave type configuration

Configure the types of leaves allowed in your organization like General Leave (GL), Sick Leave (SL), and Privilege Leave (PL) for example.

Leave entitlement configuration

Configure the number of leaves of each type that employees are entitled to take and entitlement policy (for existing employees as well as new joinees).

Leave auto-credit policy

Credit leaves automatically based on your organization policy. Year, quarterly or monthly credit. Advance or earned.

Leave policy configuration

Configure your leave policy: half day, clubbing, sandwiching, carry forward, maximum accrual, encashment, birthday / anniversary leave, and auto-approval.

Leave application / approval / rejection

Leave application / approval / rejectionAllow employees to apply for leave for self or on behalf of somebody else (if your leave policy allows it) and reporting managers to approve / reject it.

Leave balance

Get total leave balance and split between all the leave types in an instant! If not automated properly, this is a tedious, time-consuming activity.

Team leave calendar

See the leave calendar of your reportees or lateral team and figure out in a snap when to (or when not to) apply for leave.

Leave encashment application / approval / rejection

Allow employees to apply for leave encashment and finance guys to approve / reject it

Comp-off application / approval / rejection

Allow employees to apply for comp-offs and reporting managers to approve / reject it based on data from the attendance app

Query Builder

Get many ready reports at the click of a button. If you need more reports, build them with the help of our Query Builder.

Integration with payroll software

Have information about Leaves Without Pay (LWPs) to your payroll software for salary deductions and save your finance guy’s precious time!

Insightful Analytics

Gain deep insights into the data generated by the app with the help of analytics that we have thoughtfully created for you.

Reminder framework

Stop worrying about not getting things done on time with Nitovate’s configurable timely reminders and focus on what you do best!

Auto-approval framework

When even timely reminders can’t get things done on time, allow our flexible auto-approval framework to solve the problem for you.

Notification framework

Get notifications about all the actions performed in the system, by whom and when, and always stay on top of things!

Industry Facts

  • The cost of leave & absence contributes to nearly 35% of an organization’s payroll. Despite such a huge impact, most organizations, surprisingly enough, do not even track employee absence, let alone manage it effectively.


  • Paid time off has a significant financial impact on a company’s bottom line. Research has shown that employers spend an average of 14.6% of payroll on absence-related benefits.


  • Statistics show that every year businesses pay out millions of dollars in unpaid or misappropriated paid time-off.


  • Human error is a constant worry in any company’s leave management policy; it’s almost impossible to ensure a 100% accuracy rate when it comes to managing and tracking employee time-off by hand.


  • Online leave balance visibility can remove a tremendous strain on HR where as much as 15% of their time is spent in handling queries on leave balance for employees.