Leave Management

Manage leaves better. Save 80% of your leave application cycle time!

Leave Management System

A structured leave management system can skyrocket employee productivity and change the way an organisation looks at its employees. With technology being at the helm of every change, striking a balance between work and life can happen through automation.

Having a leave management app becomes the need of the hour because:

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  • Absence of an Efficient Tracker to apply, monitor and approve leaves
  • Resource crunch makes it difficult to track and differentiate between available employees and ‘on-leave’ employees
  • Volatile employee performance issues in both employees taking too many leaves and those not taking enough
  • Information unavailability as tracking employee leave balance is difficult

Automating leave processes and reducing the amount of time spent on applying and approving requests can ensure a hassle- free work environment.

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Chat with NIYA to apply and approve leaves. Nitovate Leave management allows you to:

  • Configure the weekly offs and holidays – compulsory as well as the optional ones – in your organisation.
  • Configure the types of leaves allowed in your organisation like General Leave (GL), Sick Leave (SL), and Privilege Leave (PL) for example.
  • Configure the number of leaves of each type that employees are entitled to take and entitlement policy (for existing employees as well as new joinees).

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  • Credit leaves automatically based on your organization policy. Year, quarterly or monthly credit. Advance or earned.
  • Configure your leave policy- half day, clubbing, sandwiching, carry forward, maximum accrual, encashment, birthday / anniversary leave, and auto-approval.
  • Apply approve or reject leaves- Allow employees to apply for leave for self or on behalf of somebody else (if your leave policy allows it) and reporting managers to approve / reject it.
  • Get total leave balance and split between all the leave types in an instant! If not automated properly, this is a tedious, time-consuming activity.
  • See the leave calendar of your reportees or lateral team and figure out in a snap when to (or when not to) apply for leave.
    Apply for leave encashment and finance persons to approve / reject it.
  • Apply for comp-offs and reporting managers to approve / reject it based on data from the attendance app.
  • Build reports with a single mouse click through our Query Builder.
  • Have information about Leaves without Pay (LWPs) to your payroll software for salary deductions and save your finance person’s precious time!
  • Use flexible auto-approval framework to solve leave problems for you.
  • Stop worrying about not getting things done on time with Nitovate’s configurable timely reminders and focus on what you do best!
  • Get notifications about all the actions performed in the system, by whom, when and always stay on top of things!

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