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Nitovate HRMS is a collection of apps that automate core HR processes from recruitment and employee on-boarding all the way to employee off-boarding.

Nitovate HRMS Products

The complete HRMS solution!

Nitovate HRMS apps automate each of the core HR processes that have to be executed throughout the complete life cycle of employees within your organization: Recruitment, Employee On-Boarding, Training, Awards & Recognition, Performance Appraisals 180, Promotion & Increment, Relocation & Transfer, and Employee Off-Boarding. These apps will help your HR executives fulfil all their core objectives:

Talent acquisition

Talent management / development

Talent retention

Seamless integration among all  apps

All the Nitovate HRMS apps work well in isolation, but when they all come together they create a whole that is bigger than the sum of the individual apps, akin to individual notes coming together to form a beautiful symphony. Benefit from the tight, out-of-the-box integration of our apps and derive a much bigger value from your investments.

Recruitment with Employee On-Boarding and Training

Employee On-Boarding with Recruitment and Training

Training with Recruitment, Employee On-Boarding, and Performance Appraisals 180

Awards & Recognition with Performance Appraisals 180

Performance Appraisals 180 with Training, Awards & Recognition, and Promotion & Increment

Promotion & Increment with Performance Appraisals 180

Employee Off-Boarding with Asset Management

Powerful analytics

Today, HR is increasingly seen as a strategic function that enables, empowers, and engages employees to achieve your organization’s highest objectives, as opposed to the outdated notion of “helping and serving” employees. But for that to happen, the data that is generated by the Nitovate HRMS apps has to be analysed and strategic actions have to be derived from it. In order to help you do that, each HRMS Nitovate app comes with thoughtfully-created, powerful analytics which will turn data into insights and insights into actions, enabling your HR to serve its strategic function!

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