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Employee On-Boarding

Execute all the on-boarding activities with ease. Integrate seamlessly with other apps. Ensure a smooth on-boarding experience.

Configure all on-boarding activities: pre-joining, on-joining, and post joining. Get timely triggers. View status on an intuitive dashboard.

High-Level Features

On-boarding activity configuration

Configure all the pre-joining, on-joining, and post-joining activities that have to be performed as part of the on-boarding process.

Profile creation

Map activities to profiles and employees to profiles, which makes assigning on-boarding activities to employees super easy!

Activity triggers

Get timely triggers when activities have to be performed by the stakeholders and focus only on the job at hand.

Informative HR dashboard

Get an informative dashboard for HR executives which shows them the status of on-boarding activities of the new joinees.

Informative employee dashboard

Get an informative dashboard for employees which shows them the on-boarding activities to be performed and check them when done.

Integration with employee master

Get a tight integration with Employee Master where the new joiners can add information about themselves and their dependents.

Integration with other apps

Get tight integration with Recruitment, Asset Management, and Training apps which boosts the productivity of all involved.

Query Builder

Get many ready reports at the click of a button. If you need more reports, build them with the help of our Query Builder.

Insightful Analytics

Gain deep insights into the data generated by the app with the help of analytics that we have thoughtfully created for you.

Reminder framework

Stop worrying about not getting things done on time with Nitovate’s configurable timely reminders and focus on what you do best!

Notification framework

Get notifications about all the actions performed in the system, by whom and when, and always stay on top of things!

Industry Facts

  • 25 percent of companies admitted that their on-boarding program does not include any form of training, which leads to a loss of 60 percent of a company’s entire workforce.


  • New employees who attended a well-structured on-boarding orientation program, were 69 percent more likely to remain at a company up to three years.


  • 30 percent of businesses who continually update their on-boarding programs are more likely to be positioned to respond to industry indicators and employee trends.


  • 77% of new hires who hit their first performance milestone had formal on-boarding training.


  • Manager satisfaction increases by 20% when their employees have formal on-boarding training.