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Awards & Recognition

Streamline your award & recognition process. Give recognition where its due and get employee engagement in return.

Configure the process as per your needs. Maintain complete history. Get out-of-the-box integration with Performance Appraisal app.

High-Level Features

Award type configuration

Configure the types of awards that you give in your organization, team or individual, and the sub-types for each of them.

Nomination process

Configure the award nomination process as per your needs, with a different process for each type of award if required.

Nomination / approval / rejection / publishing

Allow your employees to nominate, HODs to approve / reject/ shortlist, and HR to publish the names of the award winners.

Complete history

Maintain a complete history of the award nomination process and the awards won by employees to use later.

Integration with other apps

Get out-of-the-box integration with Performance Appraisal 180 app and ensure that your appraisals are more effective.

Reports / Query Builder

Get many ready reports at the click of a button. If you need more reports, build them with the help of our Query Builder.

Insightful Analytics

Gain deep insights into the data generated by the app with the help of analytics that we have thoughtfully created for you.

Reminder framework

Stop worrying about not getting things done on time with Nitovate’s configurable timely reminders and focus on what you do best!

Notification framework

Get notifications about all the actions performed in the system, by whom and when, and always stay on top of things!

Industry Facts

  •  Nearly 75% of organizations have a recognition program (despite the fact that only 58% of employees think that their organizations have recognition programs).

  • in organizations where recognition occurs, employee engagement, productivity and customer service are about 14 percent better than in those where recognition does not occur.

  • 87 percent of organizations reported that their programs are designed to recognize service or tenure. These programs do not meet the needs of today’s employees, nearly 70 percent of whom report they are recognized annually or not at all.

  • Nearly two-thirds of HR respondents indicated HR does not effectively enable recognition. This ineffectiveness is underscored by the fact that nearly half of HR respondents report that the organizations’ culture does not support recognition and the fact that most recognition programs are designed to recognize service or tenure.

  •  Organizations with recognition programs which are highly effective at enabling employee engagement had 31% lower voluntary turnover than organizations with ineffective recognition programs

  •  Only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition.

  • 41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen marked positive increases in customer satisfaction.

  •  46% of senior managers view recognition programs as an investment rather than an expense.

  • Companies spending ≥1% of payroll on recognition are 79% more likely to see better financial results.

  •  Companies with strategic recognition reported a mean employee turnover rate that is 23.4% lower than retention at companies without any recognition program.

  •  Organizations with the most sophisticated recognition practices are 12 times more likely to have strong business outcomes.

  •  Praise and commendation from managers was rated the top motivator for performance, beating out other noncash and financial incentives, by a majority of workers (67%)