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Nitovate AMS is a collection of apps that automate admin processes like asset management, expense claim, travel & travel reimbursements, and time management.

Nitovate AMS Products

Automate all the common admin processes!

Nitovate AMS apps help streamline and automate all the common admin processes that have to be executed in your organization: Asset Management, Attendance, Leave Management, Expense Claim, Helpdesk, Meeting Room Reservations, Time Management, Travel & Reimbursements, and Visitor Management. Since many of these processes are extremely tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone, automating them will save your employees precious time, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Seamless integration between all the apps

All the Nitovate AMS apps work well in isolation, but when they all come together they create a whole that is bigger than the sum of the individual apps, akin to individual notes coming together to form a beautiful symphony. Benefit from the tight, out-of-the-box integration of our apps and derive a much bigger value from your investments.

Asset Management with Employee Off-Boarding and Helpdesk

Attendance with Training and Leave Management

Leave Management with Attendance

Helpdesk with Asset Management

Meeting Room Reservations with Time Management

Time Management with Meeting Room Reservations

Travel & Reimbursements with Attendance

Powerful analytics

The overriding concern of most organizations today is how to make continuous improvements in employee productivity and thereby achieving higher profitability; employee productivity is the new mantra for success! But what isn’t measured and analysed can’t be improved. Nitovate AMS apps generate a lot of data, which if analysed properly can be used to identify the reasons for loss or productivity and then derive actions to plug those losses. In order to help you do that, each AMS Nitovate app comes with thoughtfully created, powerful analytics which will turn data into insights and insights into actions, which will make a positive impact on the bottom line.

Mobile apps on the go

Today, mobile devices pack more computing power in our pockets than computers bigger than a room did four decades ago, and have therefore become an integral part of our lives. Aided by the ubiquitous internet and apps that are deployed on the cloud, these mobile devices empower us to do things on the go, anytime, anywhere, which was inconceivable a decade ago. Any organization that doesn’t plan to harness this power will be left behind. Nitovate AMS apps come with mobile versions which allow your employees to do things on the go thus ensuring that all your admin processes get executed smoothly!

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