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Nitovate Highlights

Nitovate is everything you would expect a framework to be!


Nitovate is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, a product which empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to work intelligently and collaborate. Nitovate helps unlock the power of SharePoint and gets you going in no time!

Aligned with Office365

Nitovate is highly aligned and tightly integrated with other Office365 apps like Outlook, Yammer, and Skype for Business, which ensures consumption of these apps and boosts employee productivity significantly.


As your company grows and matures, so will your needs and expectations from Nitovate. Being an advanced product framework, Nitovate will grow and mature with you, ensuring that you get a return on your investment, today and tomorrow.


Nitovate leverages the hugely popular and successful SharePoint 2013 App Model, which means multiple benefits to you: ability to buy only what you want (which implies high ROI), user-friendly app lifecycle, and much more.


As advanced as Nitovate is, you still might choose to rely on other systems for implementing your digital strategy as it evolves. Nitovate, by design, facilitates easy integration with other systems and can be the centerpiece of your digital strategy.


Nitovate can be installed on premises or hosted online, and can be used on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Whatever your preference, you can be sure that Nitovate is highly flexible when it comes to hosting and usage options!


What good is a system that does all the above things but just isn’t fast enough? Built to deliver high performance, Nitovate will not only meet your performance expectations but exceed them.

Easy to use

Learning a new software system shouldn’t be a hassle but often is. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Nitovate is advanced and easy to use, thus ensuring easy adoption and sustained consumption.


Nitovate can be used “as is” or it can be personalized: you can personalize its look and feel to match your corporate identity, you can customize the business processes to suit your unique needs, and much more.