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Performance Management
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Leave Management
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Attendance Management

The Future of Simplified HR and Admin Functions

A study shows, 90% employees have their productivity and morale killed due to repetitive and boring non-automated administrative tasks. Nitovate, through its SaaS application portfolio, provides a simplified and personalized experience for each employee to manage his or her manual and redundant tasks in an efficient manner increasing overall productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Stop worrying about the mundane. Chat with NIYA on Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or Slack, let it handle the manual and redundant tasks, while you focus on important stuff.

Cognitive Reporting

Cognitive Reporting

C- Suite? Then, a single click or a chat does it all. Get customized intelligent reports delivered to you over application or chat.



Access data anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Use the application and get productive even on the go.

Punch in

Intuitive UI/UX

Intuitive UI/UX

Reduce your learning curve and familiarize with our easy-to-use applications faster. Our application enables faster adoption for you to derive high value from your investment. Change the way the app looks for you. Choose from seven different themes and colour each day different.

What is Nitovate’s AI Paradigm?

Shuffle up your work matrix. Have more time to take important decisions. Iron out the gaps in your attendance, set appraisal goals with NIYA, a natural language based chat interface. Working towards augmented employee engagement, NIYA will aim at remembering, reminding, prodding and answering every query you have within the Nitovate applications.
The chat function provides a simplified, personalized and personified experience for each employee to manage his or her manual tasks in an efficient manner. Manage leaves; get appraised; manage attendance not only on our application but via chat.

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What makes Nitovate a Trendsetter?

Our customers have appreciated us for

Helping them in

and not just organizing work

as a means to an end

Ensuring enhanced
User Experience

Ensuring they
never enter the
Same Data Twice

Making high level
possible with present
and future systems

Cutting hardware costs
and access apps directly via

Being Cost Effective
and ensuring minimal entry and operational cost

Rapid deployment with least
possible dependency on
IT Resources

Being exceptionally secure with
Expert Supervision of
network and infallible
Server Security